Union County Historical Society
ANNOUNCING …     ACCOUNTS of Union County History.      

How often have you been in a conversation about our local history, and you thought, “Gee, that’s worth knowing.  Why isn’t there a place where things like that can be recorded and saved for the future?”  Now there is.

The Society is starting a new, on-line publication, ACCOUNTS of Union County History.  It will come out twice a year, in the fall and spring, as part of the Society’s web page.  ACCOUNTS is free.  The first “issue” will come out this fall.  You are earnestly invited not only to read each issue here on the website, but also to contribute items to its pages.  Asking for your written contributions is the purpose of this announcement.

Here are some specifics:

-  ACCOUNTS is an opportunity to contribute to Union County’s historical record.

-  ACCOUNTS is not a journal of formal scholarship.  No bibliography or footnotes please.

-  Items will be short:  200 – 1500 words (a double-spaced page has 250 to 300 words; so

1 to 6 pages in length).

-  A variety of items are being sought, such as:

-   Accounts of events in Union County’s history

-   Accounts from family history

-   Accounts of the lives of persons associated with the County

-   Accounts of businesses, communities and places

-   Descriptions of objects and their makers (such as furniture, buggies, etc.)

-   Accounts of buildings (homes, farm buildings, churches, commercial buildings,

etc.), monuments, public works  

ACCOUNTS is edited by Tom Greaves (Society board member).  Tom Rich (Society webmaster) will be putting each issue on the Society’s website.  Need help composing?  Tom will happy to work with you to get your draft ready for ACCOUNTS.  It would be most helpful if you would type your contribution and send it to him as an e-mail attachment, but if you are one of those valiant holdouts against the age of electronics, he will even do the typing from your hand-written copy.  For further compositional specifics CLICK HERE.

There is no plan to make ACCOUNTS available in a paper format, with all the complexities and expense of subscriptions.  You’ll only be able to get it with a computer at the Society’s website.  

Do you have an item to propose?  Please send Tom an e-mail greaves@bucknell.edu and he’ll be in touch.  He will also be happy to get your suggestion about a potential author whom he can invite to contribute interesting items. 

ACCOUNTS is not reserved for those who are polished, experienced writers.  It is an expression of ourselves as a community, a community of folks who pay attention to local history and want to help enrich it.

Contact:  Tom Greaves, editor         greaves@bucknell.edu

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