Directions to the DEW House

The marker near "Kelly Point" indicates the location of the DEW House.
The DEW House is off Strawbridge Road about 2 miles from Route 192 (Buffalo Road)
and DOT work on the bridge over Buffalo Creek makes this the only entrance until about October.
The entrance is west (to the left) just south of the bridge construction.

Direction to the Historical Society office in the Union County Courthouse

The courthouse is on the northeast corner of S. 2nd Street and St. Louis Street.
The entrance to the courthouse is off of the parking lot. Although parking is permitted
in the lot, it is hard to find an open space. Parking on the local streets is permitted, but
the "no parking" signs should be observed. After you pass the checkpoint (with scanner)
you will find an elevator and a staircase. Go up to the 1st floor and take a left at the main hall.