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Building Pennsylvania

    The Union County Historical Society has adopted the medium of computer technology to make history accessible to the computer generation. The computer age has seen the rise of a generation of people who prefer to access information electronically rather than through the traditional print media. This trend has been accelerated by the proliferation of computer technology in our schools and homes. Todayís schools have built modern computer labs where students learn software programs to do numerical and textual processing. These computer platforms also provide excellent opportunities to give young people information on the history of our county and our state. They do so in a format that is very comfortable for young readers.

            A member of the Union County Historical Society (and its webmaster), Prof. Tom Rich, has written an e-book for just such a purpose. It is titled, Building Pennsylvania, and it outlines the historical development of four major technologies of Pennsylvania: Canals, Iron & Steel, Lime & Cement, and Waterworks. The preface to the book states,

                    Pennsylvaniaís technological story is fascinating in its revelation of the human ingenuity that transformed the many natural resources that are abundant in the state into the building blocks of modern society. In fact, the products of Pennsylvania technology played a significant role in the growth and development of the entire nation over the past 350 years.

                   The human story is equally poignant. The ancestors of many of todayís Americans were part of Pennsylvaniaís past. Some first settled in the state upon arrival from oversees and used their energies and talents to forge a new life for themselves and their families. Others were born and raised in Pennsylvania, and many followed in their fatherís and motherís footsteps to toil in the industries of the commonwealth. A great debt is owed to those folks, who through their sweat and labor created the prosperity that is enjoyed by many Americans today. This book tells their story, and it is dedicated to them.

            The e-book contains over 700 pages of descriptive text, charts, tables, illustrations, and hundreds of historical images that tell the story of a significant part of Pennsylvaniaís technological history. The book is intended for reading on a PC. Reading software is included on the CD-ROM along with instructions for installation on a PC. The author is making this book available through the historical society. A major part of the proceeds will go to support the work of the society. The member price is $22.50 (plus 6% tax for PA residents); non-member price is $25 (plus 6% tax for PA residents).  Shipping is $4, and the e-Book can be ordered from the order form pdf.

            In addition to Building Pennsylvania, the historical society has other historical information available in a CD format. The Union County Historical Society has published On the Road; History Throughout Union County, a car tour on CD that provides an informative and enjoyable way to visit the countryside and towns in Union County. Another CD that is available from the historical society provides an inventory of the cemeteries of the county for use in genealogical work. Each of the CDís and others in the CD format can be ordered at the Union County Historical Society at S Second and St. Louis Streets in Lewisburg or from this website link.

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