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From the Contents

   Preface by William Deitrick  (pages 4-5)                                                     
   Cows on the Landscape and a Milkman at            Your Door by Hertha Wehr  (pages 6-56)

   Life as a Young Milkman 1942-1961
   by Donald Hoy  (pages 57-59)

   L.S. Shirk Millmont Dairy
   by Tony Shively  (pages 60-66)

   E.G. Harner and the University Farm
   by Mareta Digan and Jeannette Lasansky            (pages 67-69)

   Appendix Material and Index  

 Copies of Heritage Volume XXII are available for purchase from the Society office located in the County Courthouse, S. Second Street, Lewisburg and at selected merchants. Please call the Society at 524-8666 for more information.

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