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NEW 2012 Heritage BOOK!
African Americans in Union County: Slave and Free
Heritage 2012 Cover
     In this newest Heritage book, Volume XXIII, 2012, several writers contribute to our understanding of African American history in central Pennsylvania. 

     Bruce Teeple  discusses "Post-Abolition Slavery in Pennsylvania - And How They Got Away With It," and Jeannette Lasansky writes about “Slaves and Free African Americans in the Buffalo Valley (1780-1850).”  In  “A Flight to Freedom,”  Sam Alcorn details the personal story of Charles Bell, an escaped slave from Virginia, who came to Lewisburg and worked at Bucknell University.  Catherine Hastings provides insight in “Not Forgotten: African Americans in Early Union County (1820-1930)," “The World of Work for African Americans in Union County 1850-1930," and a listing of African American burials.

Heritage Vol. XXIII, African Americans in Union County: Slave and Free, is free with 2012 membership in the historical society.  For additional copies, UCHS Member price is $13.50 / non-member price is $15 (plus sales tax if purchased in, or shipped to PA address).

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